Mental Health Awareness Week: 18 – 24 May

Ever helped someone else cross the road? Or rescued a cat from a tree? If so, then you will know how much people appreciate an act of kindness. However, life rarely throws up these kinds of opportunity to be everyday heroes, and real acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes.

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which takes place 18 – 24 May, and is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, is all about showing kindness towards each other but also about being kind to ourselves.

Recent events have served to remind us of both the importance of kindness and the power it has to shape our lives in a positive way.

This year’s theme gives us a chance to celebrate the kindness that is going on all around us as people come together to help each other get through the impacts of COVID-19. Many hope, that as we begin to emerge from this crisis, we retain some of that sense of the importance of kindness in our lives and make lasting changes to the way we live our lives.

Get involved

Make sure to follow our Advice & Guidance team’s Twitter and Instagram channels to get involved in various wellbeing challenges and activities throughout the week.

Every day this week, the team will be posting resources designed to help you unwind, be kind to yourself, to think about those around you, and to stay connected.

We kick things off with an ‘Acts of Kindness’ Bingo – take part to see if you can get a row or even a full house of good deeds marked off on your bingo card this week!

Take some time out for yourself on one of our virtual trips around the world; including visits to the Zoo, taking in a musical in the West End, and visiting some of the biggest attractions on the planet.

We also want to hear from you about your stories of kindness and to share some of your experiences of kindness in the lockdown. Share with us on social: Twitter/Instagram

Reminder: How to get support if you need it

In these uncertain times it’s important to take care of your mind as well as your body, and to make sure you get any support that you need.

Take a look at the University’s guide to wellbeing, which includes a selection of useful articles, events and advice.

The Student Services team have collated a number of different resources to support everyone to stay safe and well during these extraordinary times.

A list of other support networks you can access can be found on our Counselling Service webpages.

Networks you might find useful include The Samaritans, who offer a 24-hour helpline (116 123), and the Students Against Depression website.