Online sessions to support postgraduate researcher wellbeing

health & wellbeing

To support postgraduate researchers during the lockdown, the Liverpool Doctoral College (LDC) Development Team have reimagined their regular programme to deliver a series of online sessions, many of which focus on supporting wellbeing.


These interactive sessions on mindfulness by Priyanka Sakhavalkar will help you to develop a positive mindset and practise meditation to help cope better in the lockdown period.

The sessions include a mixture of relaxation and guided meditation, with additional exercises that include emotional management, affirmations, visualisations, mindful writing, and tips for deepening meditation practices. The next session takes place on 28 May.

Online Writing Retreats

Often the most challenging aspect of thesis writing is finding the time and space to sit down and focus on doing the actual writing.

A writing retreat is simply designated time and space away from your normal workplace where you and others can focus on writing and nothing else. During the period of Covid-19 this takes place virtually so that by setting out specific and protected time for writing you can benefit from structure and community support.

All postgraduate researchers are welcome to join these half-day weekly events.

The LDC Development Programme

Postgraduate researchers are supported with ongoing professional and personal development through the LDC Development Team programme.  Further online sessions that might also be of interest include the Influencing Without Authority Series, with three separate webinars to help you to develop techniques to enhance and leverage your personal power in situations in which you have no formal authority.

View the full programme of events on the LDC website, and subscribe to the PGR News @Liverpool blog to receive the latest information regarding upcoming programme, including early notification of the registration for events in 2020.

Peers for PhDs

This student-led group, that aims to support the wellbeing of fellow PhD students, has moved onto Zoom and is meeting more frequently than before to increase the opportunities to meet each other online and discuss issues and concerns during these uncertain times.

All postgraduate research students are welcome, so if you would like to join Peers for PhDs visit their recent blog for more details.

Reminder: How to get support if you need it


COVID-19 is having an impact on everyone’s daily lives. By following the guidelines on social distancing you’re helping to protect yourself, family, NHS, and community, but a consequence might be that you feel isolated, worried, and anxious, or you could be concerned about your health, or the health of others.

In these uncertain times it’s important to take care of your mind as well as your body, and to make sure you get any support that you need, the Student Services team have collated a number of different resources to support everyone to stay safe and well during these extraordinary times.

If you need support contact our Student Services
The team are providing enhanced support through Microsoft Teams, phone and email between 9am and 5pm each day. Click here for contact details.