How has Covid-19 affected you? We want to hear from Liverpool City Region residents

The global coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact both individually and societally, and now researchers at the University of Liverpool want YOU to tell them how your life is being affected.

As part of a major study into the psychological and social impact of Covid-19, the University is appealing for volunteers from across Liverpool City Region who are happy to share their story.

The academics leading the study – Professor Rhiannon Corcoran and Professor Kate Bennett – want to understand how Covid-19, and the restrictions imposed to halt its spread, are affecting individuals across a broad range of different households and neighbourhoods.

All successful volunteers will have to do is offer their anonymised views and responses to a series of questions, posed at three points across a 12-week period.

The fully funded study is seeking to determine how far things have changed, what has helped people, and perhaps, where neighbourhoods and individuals have struggled.

Professor Corcoran and Professor Bennett – both leading Liverpool psychologists – are interested in emotions, such as loneliness; how social support impacts an individual’s wellbeing; how people are able to cope with uncertainty; how the makeup of different households affects people’s ability to cope and the individual, community and societal influences on all of the above.

Professor Rhiannon Corcoran said: “It’s really important that we understand how this coronavirus has affected people in the Liverpool City Region because, if we don’t, it won’t be possible to bring about the changes that are needed as we recover post-Covid.

“The responses we get from this survey will help us to arrive at this better understanding.”

The study is part of a wider research programme that is seeking to understand how these issues influence the likelihood of contraction and recovery from Covid-19; and how the risk of infection is affecting households. Participants can also volunteer to be part of these wider studies, should they wish to do so.

On completion of the surveys, participants can enter a prize draw for a chance to win a £50 voucher.

To register your interest in taking part, or find out more with no obligation, please visit