New research challenge aims to help tackle climate change

Waves washing over harbour wall

A new challenge harnessing high quality research expertise from across the University launches today.

The Climate Futures research challenge brings together experts in a wide range of disciplines across all three faculties who, along with external collaborators, will explore impacts of climate change, develop solutions to environmental challenges and address knowledge gaps.

Capturing the full potential of our climate-related research expertise will have tangible benefits at a global, national and local scale in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation as we work towards a lower carbon future.

The challenge consists of three connecting strands, utilising the University’s existing research strengths:

The science strand includes research in a wide range of disciplines, such as understanding how our oceans affect climate change and modelling the impacts of climate change on vector-borne diseases.

A society strand harnesses our expertise in behaviour insights, risk communication and community engagement. This includes work by the University’s Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place, which has proposed recommendations for a green future for the Liverpool City Region.

We are also developing solutions to address climate change, anticipate its effects and enable action to prevent or minimise the damage they can cause, including through specialist energy materials research by our Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy.

Professor Ric Williams, School of Environmental Science and Chair of Climate Futures said: “Alongside the global challenges presented by COVID-19, we must not lose sight of the threat of ongoing climate change and environmental degradation. We know that we cannot reduce carbon emissions to net zero just by remaining at home. To avoid exceeding warming targets, we need to move collectively towards new ways of living our lives and to help attain that goal, we want to draw upon the expertise within the University across three strands of activity: science, society and solutions.”

The Climate Futures research challenge aligns closely with the University’s wider sustainability work.

To find out more, visit the Climate Futures research challenge web pages.