Leave Liverpool Tidy

Whether you are moving into new accommodation ready for the new academic year, or leaving Liverpool for some summer fun, you may find yourself with some unwanted items that you’re not sure how to dispose of.

Donate your unwanted items to charity

You can have a lot to take home when you move out of your accommodation at the end of term. If you have household items or clothing that you no longer need, there are lots of ways you can easily donate them to charity.

There are a number of places to donate your unwanted items, including a campus drop off point and local charities.

If you are planning to donate items it’s worth contacting the charity directly to check what they will accept, as well as their opening times and drop-off arrangements, as these may be affected by COVID-19 rules.

Donating your items not only supports our local charities, it also reduces the number of items that end up in landfill making the planet a greener place!

Click here for a list of donation points and contact details for local charities.

What should you do with your changeover rubbish?

If you’ve been disposing of your rubbish as and when it occurs, you won’t have too much built-up at the end of your tenancy. However, if you have ended up with a lot of waste and recycling you should make sure you deal with this in advance of your moving out date.

Avoid fly-tipping as this is a criminal offence for which you can be prosecuted with on-the-spot penalty fines, imprisonment, or substantial fines of up to £50,000. It is also terrible for the environment, can cause a human health hazard, and puts animals at risk. On top of this, it is disrespectful to the local community.

Instead, fit what you can in the general waste and recycling household bins, and then you have several options for the rest, including hiring a skip or arranging for big items to be recycled by Bulky Bob’s free collection service from Liverpool City Council. If you have access to a car, you could transport the rest of the rubbish to your local recycling centre before you leave.

However you dispose of your unwanted items, make sure you do it sustainably, legally, and in a way that creates the least impact on the local community.