Virus control in the Princes Park area

Students living in the Princes Park area of the city are being advised that additional COVID-19 outbreak control measures have been put in place.

The action is in response to an increase in the number of confirmed infections in the ward, and the measures are intended to rapidly control the spread of the virus, protect vulnerable communities and the elderly and prevent the need for the city to go into an additional lockdown.

Pop-up testing centre

Public health officials have opened a pop-up walk in testing centre in Princes Park Health Centre on Bentley Road from Saturday 1st August 2020. People can drop in from 9am-4pm if they have symptoms, without the need to book an appointment.

In addition to setting up the testing centre,ย public health officials are putting the following measures in place which will be reviewedย on 14th August 2020 and extended, if necessary.

They are:

  • contacting all people who have been shielding and advising them to continue to do so until 14th August 2020
  • giving additional advice on public health measures to cafes, bars and restaurants
  • suspending care home visits, except for those who are at the end of life – the four affected homes have been contacted
  • ensuring community buildings remain closed
  • suspending upcoming gatherings and make door-to-door visits to raise awareness of testing and promote key public health messages
  • working with religious leaders to make sure places of worship are following COVID-19 safe procedures

Advice for residents

  • Follow the advice and guidance around social distancing
  • Wear face coverings in confined spaces, supermarkets and on public transport
  • Maintain social distancing with members of the same family who are from a different household
  • Do not stay overnight in a different household โ€“ even if members are of the same family

You can find further information and updates on the Liverpool City Council Coronavirus webpages.