Win a £1,000 Book Bursary

Book Bursary

Every year National Book Tokens give away a £1000 prize to a lucky student in their annual Book Bursary – enough to buy all of the books you will ever need for university.

The competition is now open, and you can nominate yourself online at, as well ask any number of friends and family to nominate you. If you win they’ll also get £50 for themselves!

National Book Tokens…

  • can only be spent on books, including textbooks, non-fiction, and novels
  • help budget for required university texts
  • encourage reading for pleasure, which is shown to benefit mental health and wellbeing
  • are accepted bookshops, online, and on eBooks at Blackwell’s
  • are printed on sustainable FSC-certified board instead of plastic

The competition closes on Sunday 18th October. Enter now – You can change the world. But first, you need books!