University accommodation fee rebate extension

Last week we advised our students that, as a result of the current restrictions and the uncertainty as to when they will be eased, we have taken the decision that the vast majority who are currently studying wholly online will now continue to do so until the end of term on Friday, 19 March.

By that time we hope that we will be able to give staff and students advance notice of any subsequent change in teaching arrangements that will take effect after the Easter holiday period, from Monday, 12 April.

Any students who are currently studying wholly online but whose programme intends to deliver any in-person teaching before Easter will be informed.

Students on clinical courses will continue to receive in-person teaching and take part in placements as planned.

Extension of university accommodation fee rebate

In line with this latest decision, we are extending our university accommodation fee rebate to 19 March 2021.

The extended rebate is available on the following basis:

  • Available for all those who are not currently residing in Halls
  • Students can claim for a rebate for a single, continuous period of leave from Halls
  • The rebate is for term-time accommodation fees only. Students will be able to claim for any dates between 3 – 18 December 2020 and 4 January to 19 March 2021 that fall within a single period of leave. Students cannot claim for the vacation period between 18 December and 4 January, however if they left Halls before 18 December and returned (or will return) after 4 January, this counts as a single period of leave, and you will be able to receive a rebate for all the term-time dates on which you were away
  • Any rebate will be 100% of the accommodation fee for the period claimed

How students living in University Halls of Residence can request a rebate

The option for those in university accommodation to submit a request for an accommodation fee rebate is now available via Liverpool Life, under the Accommodation section. To apply click the ‘requests’ tab and you will see a link to ‘notify of your time away from halls’. Here you will be asked for the date that you left Halls, as well as the date you returned.

To complete the application fully, we therefore ask that students wait until after they have returned to Halls to submit a request. This will allow us to calculate the rebate correctly using a confirmed date of return.

The deadline to apply for an accommodation fee rebate is 26 March 2021 and adjustments will be applied to rent accounts as part of the April payment cycle.

Further details about applying for an accommodation rent rebate can be found on the Accommodation Website.

Please remember that in person teaching arrangements will continue to remain under constant review, and depending on Government guidance, we hope to introduce face-to-face teaching for all programmes at the earliest opportunity. We understand however that the latest restrictions present many concerns for our students, and hope the options outlined above go some way to providing reassurance at this difficult time.

For further information about requesting a rent rebate or contract termination, please contact our accommodation team at

The above information only applies to students living in the University’s Halls of Residence. If you live in private accommodation and have questions about fees, you will need to refer to your tenancy agreement and the terms within. Any changes to agreements are at the discretion of your landlord. You can find more housing advice at Liverpool Student Homes.