Reminder: academic timetables and accessing lectures online

As semester two starts on Monday, 8 February we wanted to remind all students that they should now be able to access their academic timetable for 2020/21 on the Timetables App and in the Timetables Portal.

Read more about accessing your timetable here.

Access to online teaching activities

The Computing Services Department (CSD) have built a new service to automatically create Zoom and Teams links for online teaching activities. These Zoom/Teams links are added to the timetables portal/app and become visible one calendar week in advance.

The service has received continuous improvements in both functionality and user experience. Recent enhancements include full authorisation for Teams owners to allow the use of breakout rooms, the ability to detect and create links for any last-minute changes to timetable activities and the creation of links for more complex timetabled items that include variations of activities associated with two or more modules.

Find out more about timetabled lectures in Zoom or Teams here.

Timetabling App

Please make sure you have downloaded the most up-to-date version of the Timetables App. You can find out more about the app, including how to download it, via theΒ App Directory.

Contact us

For timetable support and queries, please contact your School Office or visit the Academic Timetables webpage.