Summer Term Events Programme – What’s on during week 2

It’s Week 2 of the Summer Term Events Programme –  a new programme of events and activities for all students, whether studying online or in-person, to enjoy this term.

If you are already on campus, or in Liverpool, there are a selection of free in-person events taking place this week for you to take part in safely on campus alongside your teaching sessions. If you’re studying from home, don’t worry, as you can take part in many of the activities online.

View the full programme on the Summer Term Events Programme webpages, or by downloading the My Liverpool app, available on the App Store and Google Play.

1. Student Panel

Hear from your peers – current students talk about their experience of finding, applying, and undertaking internships and placements over the last year.

When: Monday, 19 April, 2pm

Where: On campus and available to watch online

2. Graduate Panel

Hear from the grads – recent graduates who have found roles during the pandemic will talk about their experiences, and provide advice to help you succeed.

When: Wednesday, 21 April, 1pm

Where: On campus and available to watch online

3. Campus Tours

Campus shines in all seasons. From Abercromby Square to the Quad and the VGM to the Guild, get to know your campus home, Whether you’re looking for the perfect lunch spot, a new study space or the backdrop to your new Instagram post, get the inside scoop on our exclusive tours.

When: Monday, 19 April, 12-3pm

Find out more: On campus – register here

4. Liverpool Cathedrals Tour

“If you want a cathedral we’ve got one spare” Tick two Liverpool landmarks off your bucket list in one on our special Christmas cathedral tour. Admire the epic stained glass windows, amazing art installations and even a hidden phone box. Enjoy a trip along Hope Street and enjoy the unique, contrasting cathedrals.

When: Tuesday, 20 April, 12-2pm

Find out more: On campus – register here.

5. Crafternoon: Knit and Natter

Join us for a Knit and Natter, bring your own project or come along to pick up basic knitting skills. A great way to take a break from lectures and have the motivation to finish your next craft.

What you’ll need if you want to knit:

  • 6mm knitting needles or whatever your needle of choice
  • Yarn in your favourite colour

When: Tuesday, 20 April, 4pm

Find out more: Online here.

6. Lunchtime Concert Series: ‘Summer Tunes’ with the Solem Quartet

Lativan composer Pēteris Vasks’ String Quartet no. 2 Vasaras dziedājumi, or ‘Summer Tunes’, is a paean to the natural world. The work is in three movements: the first, ‘Coming into Bloom’, is introduced in a subdued and flowing manner until the music settles. The second movement, ‘Birds’ – with its free imitations of birdsong – ranks among the most elaborate of Vasks’ compositions. The third movement, ‘Elegy’, ushers in autumnal resignation. University of Liverpool Ensemble-in-Residence the Solem Quartet have been working directly with the composer on the preparation for this performance. Recorded in The Conway Hall, London.

When: Wednesday, 21 April, 1.15pm

Find out more: Join Lunchtime Concert Series: ‘Summer Tunes’ with the Solem Quartet online

7. Speed Mate-ing

We know that this year is very different to normal and making new friends from 2m can be difficult, especially if you’re also living alone! Through breakout rooms and conversation starters, you’ll have a chance to get to know the group and hopefully pick up some new pals along the way.

And to help keep the conversation going we’ll help you to keep in touch with your new bffs after the event too.

When: Wednesday, 21 April, 6pm

Find out more: Join Speed Mate-ing online

8. Museums on the Albert Docks Tour

Did you know that Liverpool has more museums and galleries than any other city outside of London? Explore the museums sat on the Albert Dock. Immerse yourself in our cities rich history, incredible exhibition and pick up more facts than a lockdown load of Zoom Quizzes.

When: Wednesday, 21 April, 12-2pm

Find out more: On campus – register here.

9. KnowHow – Webinar – Shut up and Write

Do you find that you struggle to concentrate on your work? Set yourself a task to complete and take advantage of some structured time using the Pomodoro technique to focus on this. You will work in silence for 25 mins at a time, with short 5 minute breaks in between. The Writing@Liverpool tutors will be available during the breaks if you have any quick questions about academic writing.

When: Wednesday, 21 April, 2pm

Find out more: Join KnowHow – Webinar – Shut up and Write online

10. Improv Night with Emma Bird: “Connecting Through Play”

In this one hour workshop you will participate in improv exercises in an atmosphere of safety and support – and lots of fun! Followed by a Q&A with Emma Bird, Creative Director of Liverpool Comedy Improv.

When: Wednesday, 21 April, 5pm

Find out more: Join Belongingness UoL – Improv Night with Emma Bird: “Connecting Through Play” online