Summer Term Events Programme (STEP) – My review of week three

Author, Olivia Carpenter is the On-Campus Editor at Liverpool Guild Student Media. Liverpool Guild Student Media (LGSM) is a student-led media society, consisting of an online newspaper, radio station and TV channel, aiming to deliver relevant, interesting and entertaining news and stories for the entire student population of the University of Liverpool.

Following on from the opening weeks of the newly introduced STEP Programme held by the University, week three has come to a close with many fantastic events being held across all departments, from Give it a Go to career-focused Employability Activities. These events are proving to be both academically effective and also casually fun for some social activities to give students a break from studying.

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Week Three

Give it a Go

This weeks Give it a Go sessions ranged from Book Society’s Monthly Book Club Meeting on Monday followed by a Liverpool Cathedral Tour, allowing students to understand more about the history behind the city. Tuesday saw another fun ‘Crafternoon’ on Ecobricks and Wednesday a Green Guild: Open Trowel event.

Guild Events

On Monday the Guild held another weekly Virtual Pub Quiz on the Oscars and another group study session. Students had the chance every day this week to make some new zoom bffs and just have a chat with a friendly face during the Guild’s Tea Talk and the Speed Mate-ing session where breakout rooms and conversation starters made our weird university experience a little more sociable! Another Campus Tour went ahead on Friday.

Employability Activities

The Careers department held a Meet the Employer session on Airwave Motorola on Tuesday, a great opportunity for disabled candidates to learn more about working for Airwave who develop communications software for the emergency services. In addition to this, a ‘Talking about my Generation’ talk went ahead on Thursday about how to work, communicate and get on with people from different generations and understanding the generational language barrier.


The infamous KnowHow webinars have continued all throughout the week on topics including Stats: Understanding ANOVAs – comparing more than two means and preparing for essay style online assessments. These webinars are perfect ahead of the potential exam season stress!

Arts and Culture

The Arts and Culture department has been booming this week with talks on why we read novels, student life in the University of Liverpool Archive, killing men and dying women (Grisela Pollock on Feminist Criticism), how to progress to postgraduate study and so much more! Go along to those for some more enjoyable, less demanding time away from academic study.

Coming Up

Undoubtedly, next week will see more tea talks and study group sessions from our fabulous Guild. KnowHow will continue to support students with important webinars on topics like preparing for short answer assessment questions on Tuesday, 4 May from 11-12am followed by a fun Crafternoon on stitching and embroidery from 4-5pm, and another lunchtime concert series on Wednesday from 1.15-2:.5pm! You don’t want to miss out on this final week of exciting unique activities!

There is plenty of opportunities to get involved in next week, and STEP hopes to see you there! Enjoy! The programme runs until 7 May – find out more on the My Liverpool app or on the STEP website.