Reminder: Take part in our Naming Framework Consultation

Abercromby Square University of Liverpool

Staff and students have just a few more days to take part in our short survey to gather opinion on the University’s updated Naming Framework.

The principles of our current Framework may be viewed here.

There are many names associated with the University of Liverpool, stretching across buildings and rooms on campus through to academic positions, scholarships and awards. For a university, naming in this way contributes to a shared sense of community and collective heritage. Some of our names have been in place for many years, some for just a few, but all send a clear message about our institution, how we see ourselves and what makes us distinctive.

The Framework principles have been produced to ensure that our naming practice, whether that is in deciding new names or reviewing existing ones, is fit for purpose. It accompanies a large-scale audit of the names within our University, and once concluded, the results of the consultation will help to finalise a Framework through which all new or renaming opportunities will run.

Commenting on the updated Naming Framework, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Cultural Engagement, Professor Dinah Birch, said: “I would encourage anybody who is interested in how we name our facilities on campus, academic positions and scholarships to share their views with us as part of this consultation. The University is a civic institution, and as such, we want to ensure that we are successfully representing the current values of the University and the Liverpool region, and that we are a true reflection of the society we serve.

“This process will support our mission to create a truly inclusive campus, formed by a culture of openness, transparency, and respect.”

How can I get involved?

To take part in the consultation, you will be asked to complete a short survey which will take no more than five minutes to complete. As part of the survey there is space to add any additional comments you may have.

Once the consultation is concluded, we will consider the feedback we have received before publishing the updated University Naming Framework.

Once the Framework is in place, any member of our community can submit a proposal for a name change along with reasoning behind the suggestion to Comments on name proposals are always welcome, whether positive or negative, and should be directed to the same address: