Student volunteers launch an eco-friendly bag range to raise funding for Wirral Unplugged

Author, Isabella Bowles is a Psychology student at the University of Liverpool and volunteer for Wirral Unplugged.

As part of their latest student led fundraising campaign, Merseyside-based non-profit, Wirral Unplugged, are selling customisable, eco-friendly bags.

Wirral Unplugged’s mission is to inspire families to connect, communicate and be creative, all while spending time away from screens and being environmentally conscious. Purchasing a bag will contribute to the health and wellbeing of families in the local area, funding spaces for low-income families to access Wirral Unplugged’s services for free.

Pre-COVID, Wirral Unplugged held weekly meetings, called Screen-free Sundays that brought together students from the University of Liverpool and the local community. While they hope to return to these soon, Wirral Unplugged and students have continued supporting families by creating the Fairy Troll Post. Each week a student volunteer from the University of Liverpool, LIPA or a local volunteer takes the lead, guiding families in cooking, games, crafts and exercise. University of Liverpool staff have also led weeks about their home countries of Mexico, Hungary and, from the University of Chester, Spain. Packs of materials are delivered so that families can work remotely, whilst retaining the community spirit Wirral Unplugged have worked so hard to build.

Bag campaign

The work of students at the University of Liverpool has been fundamental to the bag campaign as they have taken the lead on operations, marketing and selling. Students have not only demonstrated and developed their employable skills, but they have also made a positive contribution to the community they are a part of. University of Liverpool students will be selling these unique bags around the Wirral and on their new online shop in a campaign that promotes creativity, eco-friendliness and happiness.

Designed by local Merseyside artist Rosa Kusabbi, these bags are both useful and fun as they create an activity for you and your friends or family. Fabric markers, sourced from an eco-friendly supplier, can be purchased alongside bags which can be used to add colour and detail to Rosa’s design. You can use colouring the bag as a creative or mindfulness activity like the students here at Wirral Unplugged do. They are also a great eco-friendly way to carry your weekly shopping from the Smithdown Road supermarkets back home. Alternatively, children can personalise them and use them themselves or as gifts.

Rosa Kusabbi is a printmaker and animator whose contemporary illustrations focus on important social issues and take inspiration from vintage music and protest posters. Rosa noted: “My career as an artist has been heavily impacted by my childhood, my mum and I would always use whatever we had to hand to make anything we could imagine! I love how Wirral Unplugged is bringing this creative spirit back today.”

Buy a bag

While available online throughout June at:, the bags will also be sold by volunteers at local stores throughout June where you will have the opportunity to buy one and support your wellbeing and your community.

You can purchase bags at:

  • Lateral by Wylde, West Kirby, June 5
  • Waste Not Want Not, Birkenhead, June 12
  • Chemist and Co, Hoylake, June 19