Understanding your results: everything you need to know

Abercromby Square University of Liverpool

Some of our university staff who are members of the University and College Union (UCU) are currently taking part in a marking and assessment boycott as a result of ongoing industrial action.

The vast majority of you will be able to view your marks as expected from 9am today (Monday, 5 July). However, a small number of subject areas need some additional time to process marks in line with the Code of Practice on Assessment and to ensure that all the necessary quality assurance has been completed. These subjects include:

  • Life Sciences
  • Maths
  • Modern Languages
  • Psychology

If you have studied programmes or modules in these areas, we are sorry to inform you that this means your results will not be released before Monday, 12 July and you will receive further detailed guidance from your department/school about next steps. This approach has been agreed by our University Board of Examiners.

Understanding missing marks in your portal

If you have completed an assignment but your mark has not been received for a particular component as a result of industrial action it will initially display within the results portal as a mark of ‘0’ or appear blank. The overall module will likely also be listed as ‘fail’ but please be reassured that this is not your final mark and the portal will be updated when your marks have been received from your school.

If you are a final year student, your classification will not be changed until all marks have been received. At that point, if your classification has increased, based on your marks and the criteria set out in the Code of Practice on Assessment you will be awarded the higher classification and will receive a new certificate and Higher Education Achievement Report to reflect that. It is important to note that if your classification has decreased once all marks are received, the higher classification will remain in place providing that modules have been passed and there are no academic integrity issues or particular PSRB requirements for the award of classifications.

It is important to note that you may also see a mark of ‘0’ if you have accepted Extenuating Circumstances or agreed absences, or where you have failed a particular component or module as a result of late penalties, academic integrity issues or an assessment not completed. If this applies you will already have been made aware of it by your school.

The difference is clearly explained in our instructional video and I would urge you to watch this before logging into your results portal to ensure you are able to correctly interpret the data. Please find a transcript of this video here.

If you have marks missing as a result of industrial action you will receive a notification email when additional marks are available to view in your results portal.

Please be assured that no student will ultimately be left with an incomplete transcript. You will, in due course, receive all of your marks to take forward to your next academic year or to graduate with.

Any student who needs support to explain an initial degree certificate or Higher Education Achievement Report to an employer or education provider will be provided with a supporting document which outlines the situation. You will be able to contact your school to organise this.

Support services

Our student support services offer comprehensive advice, support and information on a wide-range of non-academic issues including counselling and mental health, amongst others. The Alsop Building on campus is accessible by appointment. The team are also using Microsoft Teams to run virtual appointments. To book please contact via phone or email between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday or use the Online Booking System.