Your guide to moving into university halls of residence

Starting your university adventure by moving into halls can be exciting but it can also be daunting.

To make things easier our brilliant halls team have outlined everything you need to know about moving into halls:

  1. Your postal address

If you’re wondering what your new address is going to be you can find a list of all our halls and the official postal addresses on our halls life webpages.

  1. Understanding your room number

Once you’ve received your room number you’ll want to know how to find it when you arrive. There are some simple steps to follow for each hall to understand which floor you are on and where your room is. Check out the details on our halls life webpages.

  1. What to pack?

To help you prepare we’ve pulled together an overview of what you can expect from your room. You should also receive a full list of what’s in your room when you complete your online induction.

It’s tempting to buy a lot of things before you arrive but it’s best to focus on the essentials and decide what else you need once you have arrived. To help with your packing our halls team have pulled together a helpful guide of the things you will need to begin with.

  1. Mentally preparing for University

Whether you’re feeling ecstatic, anxious or just unsure of what to expect, a mixture of emotions is completely normal during such an important life event. There are lots of ways you can prepare yourself mentally for the highs and the lows ahead, some of which are outlined on our halls life pages to help you.

  1. What is not permitted in halls

As part of your Accommodation Licence when you move into halls there a few rules which you agree to in relation to what you can and can’t have in your flat. You’ll find these listed in your licence document, but you can also find a reminder on our webpages.