Reminder: COVID-19 safety measures on campus

It’s really important as we progress through semester one that we all continue to follow the COVID-19 measures in place on campus, to keep ourselves and each other safe.

Face coverings

All students and staff are required to wear a face covering in all indoor areas on campus, including in teaching sessions, in the libraries, when moving through corridors and in all other communal areas, unless a medical exemption applies.

If you cannot wear a face covering, we encourage you to wear a sunflower lanyard so that others are aware you are exempt from wearing one. Lanyards are available from Student Services in the Alsop building or can be purchased from Hidden Disabilities.

Testing and reporting your test results

Testing remains an important part of keeping each other safe. Please remember that if you working or studying on campus you are required to take regular lateral flow tests. Students and staff who are on campus each week need to access two ‘no symptoms’ lateral flow tests (approximately every three days).

This can be done using the University’s walk-in on-campus Lateral Flow testing service based at the Chapel, Foresight Centre, collecting home test kits from the Chapel, the Guild of Students, Sydney Jones Library, from your local pharmacy or order via the Government website, or using one of the SMART testing facilities in the city. All of these testing options are free.

Please keep all the text messages and emails you receive from the NHS as a record of testing. We also expect you to download the NHS App and the details of your tests will be recorded in your Covid Pass. Depending on which type of test you take, you should also make sure you follow the reporting processes outlined on our Campus Safety webpages.

Social distancing

Social distancing is an important way in which we can reduce the risk of infection transmission within our community. Make sure you adhere to rules set out for physical teaching sessions and laboratories and try to maintain a suitable distance from others in indoor spaces.


All over-40s in the UK can now book their third (booster) dose of a COVID vaccine to help limit the spread of the virus over the winter.

Although not compulsory for attendance on campus, we encourage everyone in our community to accept a vaccination, and booster dose, if offered one or book directly on the NHS website.

You can find out more about vaccinations on our webpages. If you have any further queries please contact or call the COVID Advisory Service Monday – Friday 10am – 4:30pm on 0151 795 9500.