Your winter assessments and Covid-19 safety

As we approach the winter assessment period below you’ll find important information about how we are keeping our campus safe and minimising the risk of Covid-19 transmission during this time, as well as expectations and regulations in your formal examinations.

Covid-19 regulations on campus following government updates

The latest developments in the UK and internationally highlight the responsibility we all have to remain vigilant and uphold public health measures to reduce the spread of infection.

Following the most recent Government updates please note that:

  1. If you do not have symptoms, you should continue to test twice per week at home using a Lateral Flow Device (available to collect from campus, from pharmacies or ordered online). If you do not have symptoms but test positive for Covid-19 using a Lateral Flow Device you no longer need to take a PCR test to confirm the result. You should report the result online and to the University using our reporting form and isolate immediately for the recommended period of time. If you have Covid-19 symptoms you should book a PCR test either at our campus-based testing centre or through the NHS website.
  2. Face coverings are mandatory in education settings, and this includes all University buildings and shops on campus (see examination exemption below). If you are not wearing a face covering or a lanyard, a member of staff may ask you to do so in the interests of protecting you, your fellow students and staff. Unless you are medically exempt, please respect this directive and remember that all of our staff and students have the right to work in a positive environment.

Full details of the measures in place on campus can be found on our Campus Safety webpages.

Covid-19 safety during formal assessments

Formal assessments are an essential part of your education and the Covid-19 safety measures we have in place on our campus continue to meet or exceed government guidelines. These measures have proved effective over the last few months in preventing outbreaks and allowing teaching and other activities to continue with minimal disruption.

You will be expected to attend any scheduled in-person (in an exam room on campus) assessments unless you are prevented from doing so by Covid-19 isolation, other illness or other extenuating circumstances.

To minimise coronavirus transmission, you will NOT be permitted to attend in-person (on campus) assessments if you are isolating or experiencing symptoms of Covid-19. You can find detailed information about what to do if you test positive or develop symptoms on the day of your exam or anytime during the assessment period in our detailed FAQs. If you are unable to attend any of your assessments as a result of isolation or illness you should submit an extenuating circumstances claim. Please refer to our guidance documents for further detail.

To help us reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 we are asking all students to:

  1. Take a Covid-19 Lateral Flow test on the morning of your assessment if you are expected to attend in person and ensure you have a negative result before travelling to your exam.
  2. Minimise the number of personal items which you bring to the exam room with you – this will help us to ensure appropriate distancing by reducing the size of the bag storage area.
  3. Wear a face covering whilst entering and leaving the exam room. You can also wear a face covering for the duration of the exam if you are comfortable doing so, however, we appreciate that wearing a face covering in this situation may be more difficult, so you may choose to remove it whilst seated if you wish. If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, we’d encourage you to wear a sunflower lanyard which can be collected from Student Services in the Alsop Building.

If you have any queries about the details of your assessments, whether online or in person, please contact your School Office. More information about the different types of assessment and the regulations which apply can be found in the Regulations for Online Assessments Taken During COVID19 Pandemic Situation.

Conduct and Academic Integrity

The University expects the highest level of academic integrity from every member of our community. Please make sure that you have completed the KnowHow tutorial on academic integrity to ensure you are fully aware of what this entails and why it is so important.

Whether you are taking online assessments or in person examinations on campus, you should not:

  • make use of or copy material or the papers of another student
  • obtain or try to obtain, directly or indirectly, assistance in your work outside of that provided by your tutors
  • give or try to give, directly or indirectly, assistance to any other student
  • impersonate another student or knowingly allow yourself to be impersonated

In the event that a module coordinator suspects a student of having breached these Regulations, the matter may be referred for consideration under the University’s Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline or Academic Integrity Policy.

Additional resources

There is a wide range of support you can access at any time. If you need support please contact or you can book an appointment using our online hub. The University also provides additional 24-hour support through Health Assured, and you can contact them by calling 0800 028 3766 at any time.

Specifically, in relation to assessments, KnowHow  provides access to online tutorials to help you prepare for assessments including topics such as Academic Writing, Preparing for Exams, and Time Management. Access the tutorials via the KnowHow: Study for success module on Canvas:

The Liaison Librarian for your subject can also offer specialist subject support when researching for your assignments. Book an online appointment with a Liaison Librarian.