Scouse Science Podcast with Actress and Impressionist Jan Ravens – Tuesday, 22 February at 1pm

Actress and impressionist Jan Ravens returns to join Professor Tom Solomon for the next Scouse Science episode on Tuesday 22 February at 1pm marking World Encephalitis Day.

Hoylake born Jan Ravens is best known for her voices on Spitting Image and Dead Ringers. The three Dead Ringers Christmas specials are available to stream and download on BBC iPlayer. You can follow her @thatjanravens on Twitter.

Professor Tom Solomon CBE is Director of the UK’s Emerging Infections Research Unit based as the University of Liverpool, is on the NHS front line at the Walton Neuro Centre and Royal Liverpool University Hospital. He is President of the Encephalitis Society and appears regularly on television and radio discussing science. You can follow him @RunningMadProf on Twitter.

Holly Ellis really is a Scouse Scientist. Having studied undergraduate Biological Sciences at Oxford University, she’s now a Clinical Scientist in Genomics with the NHS. You can follow her @ScientistScouse on Twitter, and find original content on her YouTube channel, The Scouse Scientist.

Guests on both Facebook and Zoom will be able to ask questions to the panel.

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