Focus on societies: Help the Homeless

The Help the Homeless Society is one of the Guild’s biggest, and offers a host of volunteering opportunities that you can get involved with. Find out more below:

Passionate and active society
The Help the Homeless Society started in 2013 with a small group of students who were dissatisfied with the plight of rough sleepers in Liverpool, and wanted to do something to help change this. Since then, the Society has grown to incorporate support for refugees and asylum seekers. Help the Homeless is a compassionate, active society with social justice at its heart.

Volunteering opportunities
The Society offers a wide range of ways to get involved, with some initiatives taking place on a daily or weekly basis and others being ‘one off’ opportunities.

  • Daily Food Delivery Service: Members volunteer via a calendar app individually or in pairs to collect surplus food from the Guild Shop at 5pm or Starbucks at 8pm and walk 10 minutes to drop it to Mildmay House, a supported housing service.
  • Weekly Donation Point: Members can volunteer to staff the Society’s donation table in the Guild to raise awareness of the chosen charity and encourage passers by to donate needed items. Drivers are also needed occasionally to drop the donations at a local charity point.
  • Monetary Donations: You can donate via the Society website, to the donation point or choose one of the local charities supported by the Society.
  • Random volunteering opportunities: The Society arranges volunteering opportunities with charities such as a Christmas Elf appeal working in the donation centre, packing bags in Asda and Tesco, and weekend volunteering opportunities at the South Liverpool Foodbank.
  • Events: The Help the Homeless Society hosts regular events which aim to educate and raise awareness of homelessness. Upcoming events include a Family Fun Day (12th April). There are different ways you can volunteer at these events, to find out more you can direct message the organisers via the Society’s Instagram profile. Social events often raise money for local charities through ticket sales.
  • International Women’s Day concert: The Society’s biggest event of the year takes place at Mountford Hall on 8 March. This concert featuring local artists will raise funds to help refugee women. You can book early bird tickets for just £2, here.

Find out more

To sign up to volunteer and to receive the Society newsletter, you will need a free society membership from the Guild:

Opportunities and events are listed here:

You can also follow the Society’s Instagram account for regular updates: