Keeping safe in our city

Although Liverpool is a relatively safe place to live, it’s important to know how to access support if you feel unsafe or have experienced a distressing situation. Below you can find out about safety initiatives at the University of Liverpool, the Guild of Students and in our city:

Report + Support

The University’s Report + Support platform is a quick and simple tool that you can use to report discrimination, misconduct, hate crime, harassment or assault. You can choose to use the tool anonymously, or you can leave your contact details.

University Support Services

The University has a range of services in place to help support you through any non-academic issue.  Whatever help you need, Student Support will be there for you.

Guild Advice Centre 

The Guild Advice Centre offers free and confidential advice. You can email the team ( for a range of guidance, including if you would like advice on how to report and get support after an assault.

Being an active Bystander

The University continues to work with the Guild on effective measures to address sexual and online harassment, and to tackle and prevent all forms of harassment and abuse on our campus.

The University and Guild’s Bystander Intervention Training, which has been delivered to more than 2,000 student leaders in the last two years, continues to address harassment and abuse. You can read more and get Bystander tips here:

City initiatives

Students and representatives from the Guild have helped to inform the city’s new ‘Safer Streets Liverpool’ scheme led by Liverpool City Council and Merseyside Police.

A powerful visual communications campaign highlighting unacceptable behaviours such as touching, groping and stalking launched this month. This will be followed by a range of new initiatives including enhanced CCTV coverage at city centre bus stations, ‘help points’ connected to the CityWatch control room, bus station ‘safe spaces’ for anyone who feels vulnerable, and increased police and uniformed presence on the transport network.

Find out more here:

In need of immediate help or safety?

  • If you are in immediate danger or seriously injured call 999
  • If you call 999 and are unable to talk remain silent and press 55. There will be a recorded message and you must press 55 to confirm you need help.
  • If you are on campus and feel unsafe, call campus support (security) on 0151 794 2222 or go to your nearest University building and ask someone to phone campus support for you.

Do not intervene in any situation if it is not safe to do so. It is important not to put yourself at risk.