Ukraine crisis: UK higher education sector responds

Universities in the UK are international communities, with many students, staff and alumni either based in, or with links to, the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

The higher education (HE) sector and individual universities are making every effort to support students, staff and alumni who are directly affected by the current conflict in Ukraine.

Who is leading the HE sector response?

The wider sector response is being led by Universities UK/Universities UK International (UUK/UUKi) and Russell Group.

UUK represents a collective voice of 140 universities across the UK and aims to shape policy that allows universities to deliver the greatest impact possible for students, staff, the economy, and the communities they serve. UUKi is the collective voice of UK universities on the international stage.

The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities, including the University of Liverpool.

What is being done?

UUK/UUKi and The Russell Group are leading conversations with Government and other organisations. UUK and UUKi have written jointly to the leaders, staff and students of all Ukrainian institutions confirming their strong opposition to the invasion as well as their commitment to supporting Ukrainian staff and students in the UK, those who remain in Ukraine or who leave because of the conflict.

UUK’s latest statement on Ukraine, published on 8 March, states: ‘The appalling decision of the Russian Government to invade Ukraine, and the consequences of this profoundly disturbing action, will affect many people across the higher education community. We unequivocally condemn the invasion and express our support for Ukrainian universities, staff and students.’ Read the statement in full and find out more about the UUK and UUKi response here:

University of Liverpool Vice-Chancellor Professor Dame Janet Beer is a past President of UUK and the International Policy Lead on the UUK Board. On 15th March, she hosted a conversation with Ukrainian Universities and the UK HE sector, which looked at a collective approach to assisting scholars and students fleeing the war. You can read more about the conversation here:

Students and academics at risk

The Council for At Risk Academics (CARA) is an organisation working with universities across the UK to place academics fleeing conflict, and Student Action for Refugees (STAR) is assisting students who may be affected.

Local help and support

We know that the situation is having a real impact on some of our students and we want to remind you of the practical assistance and support available. Please click here to find out more:

We know that people across our University community are deeply concerned about what is happening in Ukraine, and we have listed some ways you can help and support Ukrainian people here: