REMINDER: Assessment Conduct and Academic Integrity


We expect the highest level of academic integrity from every member of our community. You should have completed the KnowHow tutorial on academic integrity to ensure you are fully aware of what this entails and why it is so important.

Whether you are taking online assessments or in-person examinations on campus, please consider the following points in particular.

You should not:

  • make use of or copy material or the papers of another student
  • obtain or try to obtain, directly or indirectly, assistance in your work outside of that provided by your tutors
  • give or try to give, directly or indirectly, assistance to any other student
  • impersonate another student or knowingly allow yourself to be impersonated

In the event that a module coordinator suspects a student of having breached these Regulations, the matter may be referred for consideration under the University’s disciplinary procedures. It is important to familiarise yourself with our Code of Practice on Assessment.

COVID-19 safety during examinations

Formal assessments are an essential part of your education and you will be expected to attend any scheduled in-person (in an exam room on campus) assessments unless you are prevented from doing so by illness or other extenuating circumstances.

Students will be encouraged to wear face coverings whilst waiting to go into exams and if asked to do so by a member of staff. Our COVID-19 PCR testing centre on campus is still open and available to you for free testing if you develop any symptoms. Please be assured that if you are unable to attend any of your assessments as a result of isolation or illness you will have the opportunity to submit an extenuating circumstance claim and you can use your PCR test certificate to support that.

Mitigating the impact of industrial action

We have put in place a range of measures to address the potential impact on your learning of the industrial action which has taken place this semester.

You won’t be assessed on material that you have not been taught as a result of industrial action or that hasn’t been highlighted to you for independent study. You are also not required to apply for extenuating circumstances related to the general impact of industrial action.

You can view detailed information about these and other measures which have been put in place on our webpages.

Additional resources

If you have any queries about the details of your assessments, whether online or in person, please contact your School Office.

I’d like to remind you that there is a wide range of support you can access at any time as a University of Liverpool student. If you need support please contact or you can book an appointment using our online hub. The University also provides additional 24-hour support through Health Assured, and you can contact them by calling 0800 028 3766 at any time or you can download the Health Assured app which has lots of useful information.

KnowHow provides access to online tutorials to help you prepare for assessments including topics such as Academic Writing, Preparing for Exams, and Time Management. Access the tutorials via the KnowHow: Study for success module on Canvas:

The Liaison Librarian for your subject can offer specialist subject support when researching for your assignments. You can book an online appointment with a Liaison Librarian online.