Insider Imprint: New Issue of student-centred Life Sciences journal

Insider Imprint

Issue 5 of the student-centred Insider Imprint Life Sciences journal has now been released and can be viewed on the Insider Imprint website.

Insider Imprint is a Life Sciences journal run by PhD students, for undergraduate and postgraduate students.  Now in its fifth year, the journal releases a new issue every Spring and showcases a wide range of articles written by current students such as on life-sciences-related research, literature reviews, internships, volunteering, travels and much more.

Insider Imprint is proud to support students in their early career, providing a platform to showcase their work and enthusiasm, and a fantastic learning experience in the process of publishing.

Speaking about the latest issue, Dr Fabia Allen said, “Students at Liverpool have so much to be proud of and celebrate. Insider Imprint provides an online space for students to shine, and I am always so impressed and inspired by the range of content submitted, from research articles and commentaries on interesting Life-sciences topics, to reflections on a wide range of activities including internships, volunteering, travel, study abroad and more. It is a pleasure to read all the articles and present them online and in-print for others to benefit from.”

The team are also looking for PhD students to get involved in future issues with opportunities to experience being an editor, as well as in other key areas such as promotion, online presence, outreach, typesetting and more. If you are interested in joining the Insider Imprint team, you can find out more and apply on the website.

Undergraduate and master’s students can also join the team as student ambassadors where you can gain insight into the behind-the-scenes working of the journal and have specific roles to play that ultimately gains HEAR accreditation. Insider Imprint currently has three fantastic ambassadors, if you’re interested in getting involved you can find out more on the website.