Keeping you and your property safe in our city

Although Liverpool is a relatively safe city to live in, to help protect yourself and your belongings while here, we’ve put together some key safety tips to remember.

Protecting your property

  • Remember to lock all doors and windows, and activate any house alarms as you leave your house or flat. If there is access at the back of the property, always make sure that gates are locked and fences are secure.
  • Make sure that any valuables are out of sight. Laptops, gadgets, and computers that can be spotted through a window will make your home very attractive to burglars.
  • It’s also worth registering your possessions for free with Immobilise, the national property register. This allows the Police to identify the owners of any recovered property, should the worst happen.

Road safety and e-scooters

  • Our University is part of a large, vibrant city, and this can mean busy roads and traffic. It’s worth refreshing your road safety knowledge from time to time, especially given the recent changes to the Highway Code.
  • You may have already tried Liverpool’s e-scooters and they’re a great, quick way to get around the city, but make sure you know how to use them safely to avoid potential penalties and to keep yourself and others safe. We have put together some tips here.

Be street safe

  •  Be aware of your surroundings – Using a mobile phone, wearing a hood, or listening to music on headphones, can distract you what’s happening around you. Street crime is often opportunistic, so making yourself less of a target by being aware of your surroundings. This will go a long way to keeping you safe.
  • Travel safely – Try to stick to routes and forms of transport that others are using. If you do walk home alone, try to stick to main roads and avoid poorly lit areas, alleyways, and shortcuts through lonely places. If possible, travel with a friend.
  • Be vigilant – When using cash machines make sure you protect your PIN. Try to avoid using a cash machine late at night, and if you have been drinking. If you do need to withdraw cash use a machine in a busy well-lit area and stay with friends.
  • Go against the flow – When walking on the pavement it’s a good idea to face oncoming traffic, as it will make it far more difficult for thieves on two wheelers to ride up from behind and snatch your property. But still also be aware of anyone approaching from ahead of you.

Further information

For more information and advice about protecting your personal belongings and property, contact our friendly Campus Support team on 0151 794 3252 or visit the Liverpool Student Homes website. The University also has a dedicated Police Officer who works alongside our Campus Support Services team and can offer practical safety advice and support regarding any potential crime related issues. Further details can be found on the Campus Support webpages.