University’s Boat Club head to Henley Royal Regatta

Story written and submitted by the University’s Boat Club.

Henley Royal Regatta. Three words that mean very little to anyone outside of the rowing world, but spark excitement to all those within.

The regatta pre-dates any national or international rowing organisation making it one of the most, if not the most, prestigious event in the rowing calendar.

The competition is open to both domestic and foreign crews, with many Olympians, current and former, racing down the Thames. So, the opportunity to participate in the competition is a dream in any rowing athlete’s career.

The University are entering three crews into the qualifying event this year. The chances of qualifying are low as there are only a few places remaining, however each crew will give their all this Friday (24 June) in the hopes of competing amongst the greats.

For the women’s 8+ there are 26 crews competing for 5 places and for the men the odds are even harder with 50 crews competing for just 7 places.

Rowing is a sport that requires endurance and pain like no other, add the pressure of the oldest rowing event in the calendar and you can only begin to imagine the nerves that all 27 of our athletes are feeling.

Whether we qualify and go through to next week’s side by side racing or lose out to the likes of Cambridge and Oxford Brookes, we know that the University’s Boat Club has had a record breaking season and we will be celebrating no matter the result.