Blog: Volunteering with Leave Liverpool Tidy

Student volunteering

Author Nancy Forknall is a final year Combined Honours in Sociology and Film Studies student at the University of Liverpool.

My name is Nancy, and I will be graduating this summer. I have taken part in numerous volunteering opportunities across the years, most recently with Leave Liverpool Tidy.

As I came to the end of my studies this year, I had some free time in Liverpool before moving back home. I wanted to fill this time doing something that I would enjoy, and most importantly feel like I’m giving back to society. I accessed The Guild’s volunteering page and came across the opportunity with Leave Liverpool Tidy. It seemed like the perfect way to help make a difference, so I signed up.

The University of Liverpool’s Sustainability Team partnered with the British Heart Foundation, aiming to reduce the amount of reusable unwanted items sent to landfill. This project is mainly targeted at, but not exclusive to, students who are moving out of their rented property over summer and have belongings they wish to donate. Last year, the project achieved a 3.9 tonne diversion of CO2 from landfill!

I volunteered across two days, in Kensington and Smithdown Road. These areas are both highly populated by students, and therefore would provide the most donations. The team worked together in groups to walk up and down streets, gathering donation bags left outside houses. We then had to carry the bags to specific collection points for the British Heart Foundation to pick up. Donations included anything from clothes and accessories to books. Collecting the bags also provided some good exercise as we had lots to carry!

In the past, I have taken part in litter picks organised by my local council, along with canal litter picks in canoes. In addition to this, last year I began a joint Instagram account (@litterpickuk) dedicated to litter picking in my local area. The account is used to promote sustainability, the importance of looking after our planet and to document our litter picks. As a student, I believe it is important to keep the streets of our temporary home tidy and encourage many more to do the same.

My participation in the Leave Liverpool Tidy project was rewarding in many ways, not only for obtaining life skills such as team building and determination, but also for helping protect the environment by giving up a few hours of my time. It was also great to have a chat afterwards with new friends over a Starbucks at The Guild!

As someone who is passionate about sustainability and making conscious decisions to protect the Earth, volunteering with Leave Liverpool Tidy was a great opportunity to protect the state of our planet, along with meeting new people and getting some fresh air.

Paid summer opportunities for students and recent graduates

The Careers & Employability team are currently recruiting 6 studens and recent gradautes to work as Sustainability in Action Interns during summer 2022. The paid 6-week role will commence in mid-August, and the deadline to apply is 3 July.

Click here to find out more and apply.