Ukrainian students graduate from University’s International Summer School

Four students in the School of the Arts Library

Almost 80 students and staff from Ukraine’s Sumy State University have graduated from the University of Liverpool International Summer School programme.

The two institutions have twinned as part of a national scheme and are collaborating on a range of initiatives to help respond to Sumy State University’s current needs at this challenging time for Ukraine.

Four Ukrainian students attended Liverpool’s Summer School in person with a further 74 taking part online. The four students visiting Liverpool attended a graduation ceremony on Friday 22 July at School of the Arts Library, while online participants were part of a virtual graduation ceremony.

On-campus summer school modules included Corporate Social Responsibility, 60s Culture in Liverpool, Sustainable Development in Liverpool, Liverpool, City of Music, Leadership in Contemporary Business, Topical Conversations in Psychology and Sport and Culture in Liverpool.

Online Modules included topics on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Challenges, Local Action, Achieved Outcomes and Fake News, Fake Science and Critical Thinking. What Should I Believe? Online activities also included masterclass talks, with subjects such as the history of Liverpool, the Transatlantic Slave Trade and an Identity and Language Poetry Workshop.

All modules are accredited university modules.

Students attending in person participated in a range of social activities including visiting Liverpool Cultural venues and the city’s two Cathedrals, a tour of Liverpool Football Club and a trip on the Mersey Ferry. Participants also visited Wales and the Lake District.

Dr Maryna Utkina, who works as a senior lecturer at the Department of Criminal Law and Judiciary at the Ukrainian National Institute of Law, said: “The Summer School is a unique opportunity not only to gain knowledge in the subjects that each of us has chosen, but also to immerse ourselves in the life of Liverpool. The school program is structured in such a way that you always have excursions.

“I was impressed that students, as well as graduate students, represent many countries: Spain, the USA, the Netherlands, India, Korea, Mexico, Canada. A student from Spain knows how to count to 10 in Ukrainian and knows a few words. It turned out that her best friend is from Ukraine.”

Natalia Volnushkina, a student of Sumy State University’s Medical Institute, said: “The atmosphere at summer school is simply incredible. There is a lot of support and help and various excursions and interactive activities outside the University. Lectures are interesting and use media platforms, group discussions and discussion with the teacher. If any questions arise, they are resolved very quickly.

“Students from different countries are attending summer school and each of them is friendly and sociable. We have exchanged our experiences and learned about other cultures. I am grateful to the University of Liverpool for this opportunity!”

Watch a video from the in-person graduation ceremony here:

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