Team Sport Liverpool Blog: Cheerleading

Author, Philippa Leyden is a current student and this year’s President of Cheer and Dance.

Seeing all the recent A level results reaction videos got me feeling very nostalgic for the day I found out I had secured my place to go to the University of Liverpool. It seems like yesterday that I arrived at my accommodation for the first time, pushing my trolley overflowing with large blue Ikea bags, with no idea of what the next few years would hold for me. I knew I wanted to get involved in as much as I could, and despite having been a dancer my whole life, I felt like stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. Cheerleading seemed exciting, and after visiting the stall at the Freshers Fair and chatting to all the friendly Foxes, I was reassured that it was the right club for me.

Over the next few days, my flat mate and I practised the 32 second try-out dance over and over in our small Vine Court kitchen much to the annoyance of the rest of our flat. It was nerve wracking seeing all these new unfamiliar faces at the tasters and try-out sessions, and even worse was the wait for the team reveal. I remember refreshing the Instagram page over and over, and then scanning the post in a panic for my name to see if I had made it as a Fox. But there it was! I had made it as a base on the Level 1 Cheerleading team Sapphire. If someone had told me there and then that that was only the beginning and I would go on to be the team’s coach of the team, and then President of the club I would not have believed them! This could be you too!

Going to the Foxes stall at the Freshers Fair was the best decision I’ve ever made. The club provided me with structure to my chaotic first year life, and a support network of friends that has helped through all the ups and downs and challenges that university life can throw at you. Going to training was always something I looked forward to; it was a great escape from any degree or day to day stress, and was great exercise too. However, competing at cheerleading competitions is an experience like no other, and becoming national champions the year I coached the Level 1 team is a moment I will never forget!

What I love about the Foxes is the passion and energy everyone has for the club and their individual teams. Our club hoards so much talent; with three competitive dance teams, 2 competitive cheer teams and a fun match day team that is perfect for beginners or those who can’t commit to training 3 times a week. There is a team for everyone!

If you are wanting a university experience that is full of excitement, (with fun socials every other week), dedication (a place to dispel energy and push your limits), and where you can feel at home away from home, then the Foxes are for you!

Give us a follow on @uolfoxes and keep an eye out for information on taster sessions and team try-outs! If you have any questions feel free to send us a DM 🙂

The Team Sport Liverpool Welcome Fair continues today in the Sports and Fitness Centre on campus for anyone interested in sport at University. This opportunity gives students two weeks free access to all club training sessions to try before joining.