‘Walk & Talk’ with Merseyside Police

Liverpool street at night

Merseyside Police is piloting a “walk & talk” initiative in Liverpool that will see women and girls joining police officers on patrol to share their concerns about safety.

The scheme is part of Merseyside Police’s commitment to tackling violence against women and girls.

The idea is that women and girls will be able to walk through areas where they feel unsafe with officers, discussing what can be done to alleviate their concerns, as well as hearing suggestions about how Merseyside Police and it’s partners can make them feel safer.

The patrols will take place at times when it’s darker and there are fewer people about.

The Force want communities to regularly see and get to know their local officers, so that they have trust and confidence in them, knowing they are there to protect them and keep them safe.

How does it work?

Walk & Talk focuses on encouraging open and constructive conversations between officers and women and girls. They want to learn about any reoccurring themes from these conversations and what they can do to improve safety.

All officers are fully briefed before taking part and urged to be open and discuss their own experiences.

Women and girls can book a place on the walk by visiting the Liverpool Community Policing Events webpages.