Students shine at Handshake Innovation Challenge 2024 in Berlin

Student trip to Berlin

The vibrant city of Berlin recently welcomed a group of University of Liverpool students, who were eager to participate in the Handshake Innovation Challenge 2024.

This international event brought together innovative minds from the University of Liverpool, Ulster University, and The Berlin School of Economics and Law, all focused on creating groundbreaking ideas for sustainability.

A transformative event

The initiative, blending digital innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurial mindsets, brought together nearly 100 students from diverse backgrounds and institutions. Participants engaged in design thinking, business planning, and cultural exchanges, all within a professional setting that fostered creativity and collaboration.

Over the course of the event, students delved into pressing sustainability issues through various engaging activities. The challenge provided a unique platform for students to network and form valuable international connections.

Highlights from #berlinnovation2024

Reflecting on the experience, a University of Liverpool representative shared their excitement about the collaborative atmosphere and the incredible results produced by the students. They highlighted the invaluable opportunity to connect with peers and staff from Ulster University and The Berlin School of Economics and Law, as well as meeting Handshake staff and employers from various offices.

Organised by the University’s Careers & Employability team, the Handshake Innovation Challenge 2024 proved to be a transformative experience. As the students returned home, they carried with them new skills, friendships, and a deeper understanding of sustainability issues. The Handshake Innovation Challenge 2024 not only enriched their academic journey but also inspired them to continue striving for a sustainable future.