Research led by @LivUni has played a key role in the development and introduction of the rotavirus vaccine. An evaluation of the impact of rotavirus vaccine in Malawi showed that it reduced infant deaths by nearly a third.

Find out more here: #MadeAtUni

A trial for an innovative and ‘game-changing’ treatment for #osteoarthritis taking place @LivUni has begun its 2nd stage, bringing it 1 step closer to completion #pain #arthritis #health

Five must-see @LightNightLpool events on campus #LightNight #Liverpool #Culture #Festival #Art #LivOpenHouse

Dr Dr Haekyung Um, a senior lecturer in the Dept. of Music, talks to @BBCRadio4 Woman’s Hour about the rising popularity of K-pop in western pop music (from 31 mins)

Supported by @EcoInnovatory our #PhD student @francisbaumont is collaborating with Farm Urban to find out if vertical farming could be the future for food production in #cities