Congratulations to @prw_paula and the @COMETinitiative team who have been shortlisted for the #MRCImpactPrize for Open Science Impact! Read the full story ➡️

We were delighted to present ten esteemed figures with honorary degrees in a special ceremony @liverpoolphil yesterday including former MP @LouiseEllman, @Everton CEO Denise Barrett-Baxendale and @TheLegItPodcast host @AndyGbootneck.

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An off-patent liver disease drug could prevent #COVID19 infection, a new @Nature study has found.

@livuniHLS scientists played a key role in the collaborative study, which involved a unique mix of ‘mini-organs’, donor organs, animal studies & patients.

“This research is our voice. This research is all the voices everyone says they want to hear but no one wants to listen to”.

Research from @livuni, @ucl & @unisouthampton investigates the effects of Covid-19 on children seeking asylum in the UK. ⤵️

Don't just take my word for it. Here are other sources of information about Group A Strep. and for worried parents worth looking at @Damian_Roland on