"Common business sense goes out the window in football"

It's been a busy day of media interviews for our football finance expert @KieranMaguire today, as #BuryFC's fight for #EFL survival reaches crunch time.

Catch him on @bbc5live Wake Up To Money here:

"When Europe funded us in the 90s it changed the place physically, economically, culturally and psychologically... So for Liverpool to leave Europe, I think, is a big deal."

Catch Prof Michael Parkinson on today's @BBCWorldatOne #Liverpool special

Today marks #Liverpool’s 20th year of commemoration for #Slavery Remembrance Day. Find out more about our research and opportunities for study, from examining historical slavery and its abolition, to tackling contemporary slavery: @SlaveryMuseum

Professor Mark Boyle @livuniheseltine will be on @BBCWorldatOne today as part of a special broadcast to discuss Liverpool's regeneration, the importance of its docks and what #Brexit could mean for the city. Listen here from 1pm:

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