"What's really reassuring here, is these babies are having a very short hospital stay - typically less than two days - and they don't appear to need intensive care," says Prof Calum Semple.

Final day of filming the @m2rfilms documentary on #emerging #diseases #OneHealth with the crew and the amazing Masai community around Amboseli National Park and @KajiadoGov veterinary services, with @SwissTPH @uonbi @livuninews @ilri

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We're delighted to see our #poetry imprint @PavilionPoetry featured in this national campaign!

Researchers @LivuniILCaMS are collaborating on a project with @NASciencesTeam to help take forward a potential new treatment for #rheumatoidarthritis.

After lifting off just before Christmas, our @MicroAgeUoL muscle #ageing research is up & running on the International Space Station! 🚀

Watch @esa astronaut Matthias Maurer unpacking & installing the experiment & learn more about this amazing project! ⬇️