Catch Liverpool Literary Festival Director, Professor Dinah Birch chatting all things #LivLitFest with @chamiltonbbc

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📺 Prof Chris Probert’s (@ChrisProbert62) research diagnosing #IBS and predicting treatment featured in How to Stop your IBS on Channel 5 last night.
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Third round of funding for @NIHRresearch School for Public Health Research which includes @LivUni and @LancasterUni collaboration @LilacHEquity ➡️

#Malawi press launch - 84% typhoid conjugate vaccine efficacy; with Josephine Chilongo (lead nurse), Priya Patel (lead doctor), Theressa Misiri (Project manager), & JaneLisa Musaya (MLW Assoc Director) @OwsdSecretariat @womeninGH @MlwTrust @PreventTyphoid

A new study finds a single dose of typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV) is safe & 84% effective in protecting infants & young children against typhoid in Malawi.

Fantastic work led by Prof @MelitaGordon5 & @MlwTrust as part of @PreventTyphoid💉

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