"You've really got something buzzing here that could be built upon..." Shadow Chancellor @johnmcdonnellMP was @UoLManSchool today to talk #socialeconomy

Our physicists will play a key role in the £720m upgrade of the Large Hadron Collider at #CERN which starts today and aims to expand our understanding of the Universe

Award winning writer and legendary scouser, Jimmy McGovern delivered this week's Eleanor Rathbone Social Justice Lecture - read more here > #socialjustice @LivUniSoc @LivuniSLSJ

The #paleodiet is pretty popular these days, but does it actually reflect the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors? @LivAncWorlds Dr Ceren Kabukcu reviews the evidence in our latest #podcast

Our group from the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy is currently showcasing a solar powered mini-city @tateliverpool #MadeFromLight until 17th June @LadyGaiaN @CharlSmithxx @LitSciHub @livuninews @LJPhillips84 @ConMajor @LivUniWiSE