Prof Sue Wray from our Physiology Department discusses her latest research on how bicarbonate of soda could reduce your risk of needing a C-section on @BBCr4today

"The digital economy has created new opportunities and ways of working. But it has also created millions of tasks or jobs that involve intense competition, unregulated working conditions and extremely low rates of pay," writes @UoLManSchool Dr Ming Lim

A report on the impact junk food adverts have on children, written by Academics from @LivUni, is being presented to the Government today.
At the moment ads are banned from being shown around "children's programmes" but not family shows at prime time on a Saturday night.

Our physicists are celebrating after a vital component of the global #neutrino experiment @DUNEScience which they have helped construct arrives today at #CERN for testing

Amazing #Lightning footage from our ocean scientists on board RRS James Cook in the North #Atlantic