#Brexit: Parliamentary process and sovereignty explained - expert reaction by Professor Michael Gordon @mjg_constitlaw

Core message from JRM - 'this is not #Brexit' and that he does not intend to stand against May. However, points towards others such as Boris Johnson, Raab, and David Davis, amongst others who he believes could deliver a proper Brexit. #BrexitChaos #BrexitAgreement

At #PMQs, it's usually possible to judge support based on backbencher reactions. Here, Tory MPs seem to be thinning out.... #Brexit #BrexitChaos

Liz Kendall asks how is giving up control taking back control? The depth of opposition to @theresa_may's #BrexitAgreement across the parties and leave/remain spectrum is massive. Getting anything through the House with this level of opposition would be monumental. #Brexit

The deal rn