Eight female conductors from across the globe visited our Music Dept. to receive coaching from internationally renowned conductor Alice Farnham as part of @RoyalPhilSoc #WomenConductor’s programme

Did you know that the food you eat can amplify the effects of medication? Introducing “10½ things you may not know about #SideEffects.” Watch the video in full here: @CDSS_Liverpool @senseaboutsci

We’re delighted to announce that our @livunidentistry spin-out company @liftuppltd, which develops education assessment software, has been acquired by @ExamSoft

This Thursday (28th March) on our London campus, we are pleased to invite Michael Chang from @PHE_uk to talk about Healthy Cities! All are welcome!

Want to know more about drug #SideEffects? Watch this video created by @CDSS_Liverpool and @senseaboutsci that explores 10½ things you may not know. Watch the full video here: