"...the genre is always about more than flashy new gadgets. It’s about anticipating the unforeseen ways in which these technologies could affect humans and society."

Director of our #ScienceFiction Studies MA, Dr Will Slocombe writes @ConversationUK

My inaugural column article for @CityAM - Tomorrow's Money!

Discussing @Tesla #Bitcoin #Ethereum #dogecoin #cryptocurrencies & the future of #money. Thanks to @EditorParkin

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"The HoC public accounts committee estimates the bounce-back scheme alone will lose between £16 billion and £27 billion due to fraud and companies being unable to repay"

Dr John Tribe (@TribeBankruptcy) writes @ConversationUK

"I think the 8-week point [between doses] represents a good compromise."

Dr @LanceTurtle joined Sky News to discuss findings from one of the world’s most in-depth studies into the immune response to the Pfizer #Covid19 vaccine.

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A longer interval between the first and second Pfizer vaccine boosts antibody levels and ‘helper’ T cells, a new @pitchstudy preprint involving Liverpool researchers has found.
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