University supports ADHD Foundation’s Umbrella Project 2018

The University is taking part in the ADHD Foundation’s Umbrella Project 2018 to celebrate the gifts, talents and employability of those with ADHD and Autism.

The Umbrella Project 2018 consists of public art installations of brightly coloured umbrellas on Church Alley, Church Street in Liverpool City Centre and BBC Studios Media City Salford Quays. Every umbrella will be signed by a child stating ‘My Super Power is…’ as part of a wider education programme with participating schools in Merseyside and Salford Manchester.

The University has hung its own umbrellas in the VG&M café, decorated by children at Rowan Park School in Litherland in support of the project.

Rowan Park School meets the needs of up to 143 pupils aged from 3 years to 19 years with severe, complex, profound and multiple learning difficulties, Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and sensory impairments.

The Head of Campus Support Services Andrew Molloy who organised the support for this event said “I would like to thank the Victoria Gallery for displaying the umbrellas and the children at Rowan Park School for their magnificent art work. I’m very proud that we have been able to raise the awareness of this project and I would personally like to thank the ADHD Foundation for leading the celebration of promoting the skills and talents of everyone living with ADHD and Autism”.

ADHD Foundation picnic

In August the University with the support of Campus Support Services team, is proud to be hosting a picnic for the ADHD Foundation in Abercromby Square. This event is to support families wishing to have a picnic and play outdoor games in a relaxed and safe environment and allows the attendees to be themselves without fear or judgement. It also gives the Foundation an opportunity to provide support, not only to the person living with ADHD or Tourette’s syndrome but to parents, carers, siblings and friends.

For more information about the foundation and the project please visit or follow @ADHDFoundation on Twitter and Facebook.