Scientists launch new ‘Pocket Guide for Poultry Diseases’ app

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have created a new app to help poultry farmers in Southeast Asia recognise and manage infectious diseases in their flocks.

The ‘Pocket Guide for Poultry Diseases’ has been launched to coincide with the World Veterinary Poultry Conference, which begins today in Bangkok, Thailand.

Poultry production is an important agricultural activity for many countries and can play an important role in reduction of poverty, and improved nutrition and gender empowerment. However, infectious diseases remain the biggest threat to chicken production.

The app contains useful tips on how maintain a healthy population of chickens and information on flock management and disease detection. It has been developed as part of a wider research project to tackle poultry disease in Thailand and the Philippines, which is being led by Professor Paul Wigley at the Institute of Infection and Global Health.

Professor Wigley said: “Smartphone adoption across Southeast Asia has grown massively over the past few years. The Philippines already has nearly 50% smartphone use and they are the main source of internet access in rural areas. Our new app taps into this growing trend and provides anyone working with or studying poultry with a free, quick and easy way to improve their disease knowledge. Although it has been designed with the Philippines in mind, the app is relevant and accessible to other countries too.”

An online PDF and printed version of the guide have also been produced, which can be used by farmers and vets in the field.

The app was developed and designed by the mobile team within the University’s Computing Services Department and supported by a UK Research and Innovation Global Impact Accelerator award and a BBSRC Newton Fund award.

The ‘Pocket Guide for Poultry Diseases’ is available on Android and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. A PDF version of the printed guide is also available here.