Relaxed Concert featuring University flute duo

The second in the series of relaxed music concerts held by the Victoria Gallery and Museum and the Department of Music, is a performance by university flute duo Grace Cattell and Megan Rowlands.

Following the success of the first concert featuring PhD student Xiaoxiao Hou, we are excited to continue the series with another unique and wonderful performance by students of the university.

The concert will be held in the Waterhouse café of the Victoria Gallery and Museum at 3.30pm on Friday 1st November.

Grace and Megan have developed a strong friendship over the past four years whilst studying together at the University of Liverpool and in 2018 they decided to form a duo and share their passion for flute playing. Since then they have performed numerous concerts together and are now thoroughly enjoying exploring a wide musical repertoire as part of their Masters studies. Their interesting mix of Baroque and 20th Century styles makes for a fascinating performance.

The concerts are open and accessible to all and attendees are encouraged to move around freely during the performances in the relaxed and informal setting of the Waterhouse Café.

Tickets are only £5 and include a drink and a cake to enjoy during the performance.

To book your place at the concert, please click here.