COVID-19 updates: 17 March

The University of Liverpool is continuing to closely monitor developments in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of our students, based on the Liverpool campus, tested positive for the illness on 15 March. We are in contact with the student, who is doing well, and we are offering our full support.

We can confirm that the student has not been on campus for at least 10 days.

They were in touch with a few university friends over the weekend, however, and we have contacted those friends to offer advice and support.

Following the government’s decision to move from the containment to the delay phase, please note that Public Health England is no longer tracing contacts of those who test positive for COVID-19.

It remains essential, however, that we all follow the advice provided by Public Health England. This advice is currently being updated following the government’s COBRA meeting and we’d ask you to check the Public Health England guidance over the next few days when this has been updated. We will also update you on these changes as they become available.

COBRA also announced recommendations with regard to home working and supporting these is a priority for the University. Of course, it will not be possible for all roles to work from home as we need to continue to support our students and some other on-campus business-critical activities. Senior leaders are now meeting to discuss this issue and will be in touch with you as soon as possible thereafter.

Any staff with pre-existing medical conditions which put them at greater risk if they contract COVID-19 and staff who are pregnant should work from home with immediate effect.

We’d like to thank all staff for your continued support as we move to fully online teaching and maintain our other services.

Please remember that we are frequently updating our FAQs on the University website and we will continue to issue further updates via email and other channels on a regular basis.