Researchers in various disciplines encouraged to join COVID-19 expert database

The University is encouraging academics with relevant research expertise to sign up for a COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database.

Recent weeks have seen a surge in need for access to research expertise as Parliament engages with the COVID-19 outbreak.

In this rapidly evolving situation, Parliament needs quick access to researchers who can provide expert insights relating to both Coronavirus and the wider situation.

Parliament and Parliamentarians use these insights to help carry out their function effectively; that is to say, to represent the people, scrutinise the Government, debate important and pressing issues and pass legislation.

To speed up the process of accessing relevant research expertise, Knowledge Exchange Unit (KEU) at UK Parliament are creating a COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database.

If you feel that your expertise relates to COVID-19 or its impacts – for example, on welfare, employment, education and other key areas – and if you would be prepared to provide expert insights to Parliament, KEU would be extremely grateful if you would sign up to the database.

Insights could include contributing to a Library briefing, briefing a Member of Parliament, or helping respond to an enquiry.

Sign up here for the COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database.

Staff in Parliament have identified a number of areas where Parliament may need to be able to access research expertise, which can be found on the sign up page. If you identify an area that is not listed, please do feel free to give detail on the sign up form in ‘other’.

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