The Academy launches second season of the Developing Practice Podcast

The Academy’s successful Developing Practice Podcast continues into its second season having over 700 downloads from across four continents during Season one.

The podcast presented by Dr Alex Owen (Senior Academic Developer) and Matthew Davis (Organisational Developer) involves conversations with colleagues from across our institution, and beyond, on a wide range of topics which all link to the development of professional and academic practice. It aims to provide a platform for the stories of personal development and enables listeners to benefit from the rich experiences and insights of the guests.

Season Two will feature 20 episodes, including 6 specials as part of the Making an Impact development series, an annual programme of events which aims to provide, rich, varied and high-quality development opportunities for researchers, academic and research-related professional services staff at all stages of their career across all faculties.

The release schedule for the Season Two is as follows:

Championing Equality Dr Jess Wade, Postdoc, Imperial College 7th April – Now Available
Hive Learning Dr Robert Treharne, Lecturer UoL & Sam Ball, PhD Student 14th April – Now Available
Understanding Wellbeing Sarah Waite, Psychologist and Founder of SEING 28th April
Global Citizenship Dr Jonathan Green, Senior Lecturer UoL 5th May
Academic Scholarship Dr Eli Saetnan, Senior Academic Developer UoL 9th May
Engaging Students Dr Camille Kandiko Howson, Assoc Professor of Education, Imperial College 12th May
Technician Commitment Paul Gilbert, Technical Manager UoL 19th May
Developing Leadership Nadia Soliman, PhD Student, Imperial College 21st May
Nudge Theory Paul Matthews, CEO of People Alchemy 26th May
Launching Prosper

(Making an Impact Special)

The Prosper Team – UoL 28th May
Making Enhancements Dr Kevin Hamill, Senior Lecturer UoL 2nd June
Leadership Coaching (Making an Impact Special) Denise Chilton, Professional Co-Active Coach & Angela Midgley Research Staff Developer UoL 4th June
Sustainable Development

(Making an Impact Special)

Prof Dame Janet Beer, Prof Dinah Birch, Prof Fiona Beveridge & tbc UoL 9th June
Reimagining Research (Making an Impact Special) Dr Beth Thompson, Head of UK & EU Policy & Dr Diego Baptista & Dr Ben Bleasdale Senior Policy Advisors – The Wellcome Trust 11th June
Research Communities (Making an Impact Special) Members of the UoL Research Staff Association 16th June
Transnational Education Dr Jenny Howard & Dr Charlie Reis, XJTLU 23rd June
Knowledge Exchange (Making an Impact Special) Dr Hamish McAlpine, Head of KE at Research England & Prof Trevor McMillan, Vice Chancellor Keele University 30th June
Doctorial Supervision Prof Stan Taylor, Durham University & Dr Eli Saetnan, Senior Academic Developer UoL 7th July


Professor Gavin Brown, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education, said, “I am delighted to hear about the success of The Academy’s Developing Practice podcast series, which seeks to highlight the stories of ongoing development and effective practice from across our institution. We have a wealth of experience at the University of Liverpool and this is an extremely positive way that we can share this expertise and knowledge with a view to enhancing our practice.”

To find out more information about the podcast and its episodes please visit where you will find lots of related resources and a reading list for each topic covered.

You can listen and subscribe to the show by visiting your own podcast provider and searching for ‘University of Liverpool Academy’ or you can listen directly at