Wellbeing Week – Keep Learning

In addition to the Academy’s extensive online provision, two new exciting opportunities have been provided which can support you to keep learning during Wellbeing Week and beyond.

The Positive Approach

Starting on Tuesday, 5 May is a four week virtual programme (one hour per week) on The Positive Approach.

Taking its lead from the emerging scientific field of Positive Psychology, The Positive Approach shows you how to lead happier and more rewarding lives for yourselves. We are all hard-wired with 40% of our happiness already coded into our genes – it’s called our happiness set point. The Positive Approach programme concentrates on the remaining 60%, and helps you to answer the question: just how can I lead a happier life?

In this series of online workshops, you will learn about Positive Approach, and how this can help you to lead more contended, fulfilling and satisfying lives using our “Six Steps to Happiness” model.

Throughout the programme, the presenter will show you:

* how to ditch poor happiness practices, and how to replace them with ones that will help you to lead more positive, productive and rewarding lives

* how you can begin to adopt a more optimistic, and ultimately happier, approach to life

* simple steps towards happiness, and how to embed these into your full & busy lifestyles.

Choosing a happier lifestyle is really very simple; putting it into practice is another matter entirely. Adapting or changing our current habits can be tough – but this programme will show you how your brain can be trained and developed to help you make new choices; new habits that will enable you to live a more fruitful and rewarding life. More than anything, this is a fun, uplifting and motivating workshop which will leave you feeling inspired and invigorated.

This is a four week programme and will take place on the dates/time below:

Introduction to The Positive Approach & the Six Steps to Happiness
Tuesday, 5 May 10am – 11am

Step 1: Choose Happy
Step 2: Be Happy
Tuesday, 12 May 10am – 11am

Step 3: Celebrate Happy
Step 4: Reflect Happy
Tuesday, 19 May 10am – 11am

Step 5: Mindful Happy
Step 6: Share Happy
Tuesday, 26 May 10am – 11am

There are 100 places available on this programme, if you would like to book a place to attend this programme please email theacademy@liverpool.ac.uk providing your Name and Staff Number.

University Mentoring Network goes Virtual

Secondly, the Academy is  pleased to announce that over 160 university staff mentors have now offered to support their colleagues via online mentoring using a range of communication methods suitable for both the mentor and mentee. This could include MS Teams, Skype, Zoom or telephone.

For those who are remote working during this Wellbeing Week, it provides a fantastic opportunity to find a mentor that can support them in the comfort of their own home.  The benefits include accessing support in a confidential environment at an agreed time that suits both mentor and mentee.  This might be particularly useful at this current time for those who are facing challenges associated with: working remotely; managing remotely; developing personal and professional future plans; achieving a work life balance; or exploring future career options.

Mentees can attend a workshop to find out more about the benefits of mentoring, how mentoring works, what to expect from the relationship; how to determine support needs and hints and tips on how to search for a suitable mentor.  The next workshop is online on Thursday, 11 June 2020: 10.00 am – 11.30 am and can be booked via the CORE portal.

Mentoring can be excellent way to develop and/or reflect on your practice and to focus on your ongoing career development. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee please visit www.liverpool.ac.uk/intranet/mentoring to register and email theacademy@liverpool.ac.uk with any questions.