University psychologists launch ‘The Coping with COVID’ podcast

Lecturers from the University’s Department of Psychology have launched ‘The Coping with COVID’ podcast to provide support to medical, allied health professions and nursing students working in the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within the University of Liverpool 98 student nurses, 247 allied health professions students and 230 medical students have volunteered to work on the frontline in the NHS. There are many more at Universities across the country, and beyond doing the same.

As part of the ongoing support students are receiving, Dr Helen West and Dr Suzi Gage have created the ‘Coping with COVID’ podcast to address the challenges they are facing and respond to their concerns.

Practical and valuable tips

Each short episode provides practical ways to look after your mental wellbeing, applying evidence-based approaches to real life situations.

Episodes so far have looked at: how to recharge your mental health; maintaining resilience in stressful and challenging situations; how to get your sleep back on track if the pandemic has disrupted it; and what to do if you’re drinking more alcohol than usual during lockdown.

The first three episodes can be listened to via the players below:

Protecting and improving mental wellbeing 

Dr Helen West, said: “Experts within the University in each of these areas have provided practical and valuable tips for staying mentally healthy. There have also been guest appearances from staff in the Schools of Medicine and Nursing, sharing the strategies they’re using to look after their mental wellbeing, including dancing to 80s music, re-watching feel-good films, taking up yoga, and playing with a new puppy!”

Dr Suzi Gage, said: “Whilst primarily aimed at students working in the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the podcast episodes would be helpful for anyone aiming to protect or improve their mental wellbeing in difficult circumstances.”

All episodes can be found here:

Get involved

If you would like to contact our podcast with feedback or suggestions for future recordings please e-mail

More information about resilience and stress can be found on the Project ARES website.