Two additional days annual leave for University Staff

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As mentioned by the Vice-Chancellor in an email update to all staff on Friday, 22 May, the University will add two additional days of annual leave on Monday, 29 June and Friday, 31 July. The intention is to give all colleagues a long weekend in each month through until August, to help support health and wellbeing in these challenging times.

Staff should be aware that these two days of annual leave will be automatically added to their annual leave balance on the evening of 3rd June between 8pm – 9pm and visible in their CoreHR employee portal the following day.

If you have already booked annual leave on Monday, 29 June or Friday, 31 July, you will not need to cancel it. The system will automatically cancel any leave on those dates and adjust the leave balance accordingly.

Staff that have a non-standard working pattern you will lose or gain any difference above or below 7 hours (pro-rate for part-time staff) on their annual leave balance as normal when a bank holiday falls on a Monday or Friday.

Health and wellbeing

Many areas of the University are continuing as far as possible with normal business, albeit working from home in a large number of cases and colleagues are encouraged to book leave as normal throughout this period, to help ensure personal health and wellbeing.

Carrying over annual leave

The default position remains that up to five days annual leave can be carried forward. However, we recognise that these are unusual times and where colleagues are concerned that they absolutely cannot take all their remaining leave entitlement, then they should have an early discussion with their line manager to assess whether it is essential that they do carry over more of their annual leave entitlement than the policy currently allows. Please note that discretion to allow carry over of additional annual leave entitlement will rest with the relevant Dean or Director who must be satisfied that this is the appropriate option.

Further information

For further questions or queries regarding annual leave, please contact