Third edition of University academic journal published

The third edition of the academic journal ‘Insider Imprint’, which features a diverse range of content from students based in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, has been published.

Insider Imprint is a Life Sciences journal run by PhD students, for undergraduate and masters students. The first issue of the journal was published in May 2018.

The journal helps to showcase the wide range of health related research taking place in a modern university and helps support early-career researchers and scholars.

The journal is published once a year in the spring and released as both a printed journal and online.

Magnificent initiative

Professor Sónia Rocha Executive Dean Institute of Systems, Molecular and Integrative Biology, said: “It is amazing and inspiring to see such a diverse range of content from across our university in this edition. Particularly important and relevant are the career and, given the current situation, the wellbeing sections of this issue. Insider Imprint is a magnificent initiative that gives opportunities to our students to accrue skills and experience.

“I would like personally to thank everyone involved in its production. This truly is a great achievement and a testament to the dedication and immense passionate work of the editorial team and the valuable and unique contributions from our students. I hope that you enjoy reading this issue and congratulate again everyone involved in such an amazing asset for us all.”


Insider Imprint Team, said: “The world and how we live in it has changed a lot over the last few months, but one thing definitely stayed the same: we continued working hard behind the scenes to bring you a fantastic third issue of Insider Imprint.

“Publishing articles from students right here at the University of Liverpool, issue 3 is full of content from insightful stories to hard core science. Congratulations to all our authors for possibly your first publication as you trail blaze to further success!

“We are excited to have introduced a new section on wellbeing to Insider Imprint. In this issue we have focused on mental health, and we have given you our own wellbeing tips. We hope you like this addition. We hope you enjoy reading issue 3, gaining new knowledge and perhaps getting inspired to try something new.”

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