Metro and City Mayors’ welcome letter to students

liverpool skyline

Today (Friday, 25 September 2020) Steve Rotheram, Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, and Joe Anderson OBE, Mayor of Liverpool, have published an open letter to all new and returning students to the Liverpool City Region:

“Welcome – or welcome back!

“It has been a year like no other but whatever the hurdles, uncertainties and barriers you have faced over the last few months, you are joining – or returning to – one of our city’s fantastic universities and we are so pleased to welcome you.

“If you are new here, you can feel confident that you have come to the city of famously warm welcomes. Liverpool and the wider city region has something for everyone, from amazing galleries and museums to brilliant restaurants, cafés and bars, and although you will need to enjoy the city differently this year, it still has so much to offer. So many students fall in love with our region and often never leave, and those that do always take a part of Liverpool with them.

“The year ahead will present us with lots of challenges but we are optimistic. As we continue to battle COVID-19 we have a responsibility to one another to be sensible, safe and moderate our social lives. We are working hard to protect everyone living in the region by monitoring and acting on the latest data, and by introducing measures that help people to look after their own, and everybody else’s, wellbeing. Liverpool students make a fantastic contribution to our community and we know that you will be keen to play your part, too – from being kind and supportive to others, to respecting one another by following government guidance. Although public health measures have put a temporary stop to some things, like night club visits and mass gatherings, our city remains open to enjoy safely and this year we are also inviting you to be an important part of something far bigger – our joint effort to tackle the virus. We are depending on you to help us.

“In return, we promise we will make your stay here memorable. We will do everything we can to give you the opportunities to work here and we will do our best to tempt you to stay after your studies! We will also continue to be the open and friendly city we have always been.

“So, we hope you have fun, stay safe and enjoy everything we have to offer.

“Welcome to Liverpool. We can’t wait to share it with you.”