Prosper Postdoc Career Development Pilot – Applications opening 7 December

The Prosper team are launching recruitment for their first postdoc career development pilot on Monday, 7 December. 50 University of Liverpool postdocs will join the pilot cohort in April 2021 and undertake development activity designed to enable them to explore multiple career pathways.

Participants will gain direct access to Prosper’s 40+ employer partners, as well as dedicated career coaches, to explore their skills and aspirations and how these align with the range of roles and sectors open to them as postdocs.

The pilot’s development activities have been carefully co-created with a range of employers including multinationals, SMEs, science and technology companies, arts organisations and charities including:

Unilever, IBM, SciTech Daresbury, Alderley Park, BioNow, Notch Communications, North West Business Leadership Team, National Museums Liverpool, Tate, The Reader, Good Things Foundation and the Creative Industries Federation.

Applications will be open from Monday, 7 December – Friday, 22 January 2021.

Prosper is aimed at creating a new approach to postdoc career development that addresses traditional barriers to access. A diverse pilot cohort that represents the breadth of experiences and backgrounds in the postdoc community is key to ensuring that the final approach we develop is flexible, accessible and appealing to all postdocs.

To achieve this, applications will be particularly welcomed from postdocs with protected characteristics and/or circumstances that may have impacted their access to development previously.

More information will be available over the coming weeks on the Prosper webpages. The team will also be discussing this unique opportunity at their session and afternoon networking breakouts at this year’s Research Staff Conference.

For more information about Prosper, visit the project webpages, get in touch with the team or follow them on Twitter.