Student Success Innovation Fund

The University of Liverpool has committed to an ambitious programme of closing inequities wherever they may exist on campus. In, Tackling Racial Harassment: Universities Challenged. A University of Liverpool Response, we’ve set out how we’ll promote more equitable cultures on campus. In, our anti-racism action plan, every member of SLT has adopted a race equality action through the PDR process. In building on our existing Access and Participation Plan, the Student Success Framework builds in explicit targets in supporting the success of our Black Asian and Minority Ethnic students. It does so across three areas:

Academic success: that all students have the chance to have an educational experience which enables them to achieve their full potential.

Personal success: that all students experience a welcoming and supportive environment which prioritises well-being and belonging.

Future success: that all students have the opportunity to build their intellectual, social and cultural capital for the future

In order to make a difference across these three strands it requires a whole institutional effort. As such, we are allocating up to £1,000 per project for teams within departments, schools, faculties, or professional service areas to trial an intervention, or provide evidence-based recommendations for an intervention based on new insight, which contributes to closing award, experience, or employment gaps, for, and in partnership with, Black Asian and Ethnic Minority students.

Documents can be found here ( ) and here ( and the deadline for applications is 12:00 on 19th April where they will be assessed by a panel of cross-University staff and a student officer from Liverpool Guild of Students.

Any questions, and completed applications, should be emailed to James Coe at