£2M ERC Advanced Grant to develop a theory for bioelectronics materials

A University of Liverpool Chemistry professor has won a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) grant to take forward an ambitious research idea in the field of bioelectronics.

Professor Alessandro Troisi from the University’s Department of Chemistry and the Materials Innovation Factory has been awarded a ERC Advanced Grant to develop a theory of bioelectronics materials.

Such materials are used to interface electrical devices with living tissues, cells and biological fluids to achieve a range of functions: from monitoring biological activity to controlling neuron signals and administering drugs.

The aim of the A-to-B programme (A Theory of Bioelectronics Materials) is to lay the foundations for atomistic modelling of organic bioelectronics materials and derive structure-property relations from the study a range of experimentally relevant systems.

Professor Troisi specialises in the development of theories of emerging classes of organic materials. This is his third ERC grant having been awarded an ERC Starting grant in 2009 and an ERC Consolidator grant in 2013.

Professor Troisi said: “This ERC Advanced Grant provides us with the opportunity to explore the scientific questions arising in the field of bioelectric materials which have many potential applications from healthcare to neuromorphic computing

ERC Advanced Grants are highly competitive and awarded to research leaders with a recognised track record of research achievements.

Professor Troisi joined the Materials Innovation Factory in April 2017 and his research in the field of computer aided materials discovery is one of its research pillars.

The Materials Innovation Factory brings together materials chemistry expertise with the latest computational and robotic equipment to accelerate research and reduce the time it takes to develop new products which have the potential to address a range of societal challenges. For further information visit: www.liverpool.ac.uk/materials-innovation-factory/