Professor Michael Parkinson appointed Chair of Urban Europe’s international expert judging panel

The University of Liverpool’s Professor Michael Parkinson was appointed Chair of the International Expert Evaluation Panel for the 20 million Euro Urban Europe research programme for 2021.

Professor Parkinson said: “‘Much of my recent work has focused on Liverpool, but the heart of my research career was spent working on European cities and urban policy.

“So, I am delighted and honoured to be invited to chair this international evaluation panel. Given Brexit, this is a welcome vote of confidence in UK researchers.

“And this kind of both strategic and applied research will become even more crucial as European cities come to terms with the large challenges of a post COVID world.”

Under the banner, Transforming Urban Capacity, the EU Horizon 2020 funded programme is designed to increase the ability of cities to transform themselves in the face of challenges such as COVID-19, by encouraging transnational research and innovation.

Multinational groups of cities, the private sector and citizen groups have been invited to bid for a total of 20 million Euro to demonstrate what works in successful urban transformation.

The research will focus on three themes: encouraging urban circular economies; increasing community-based developments and urban innovation eco-systems and developing robust and resilient urban infrastructure and built environments.

The research which can be both strategic and applied must build upon existing international and national research experience, involve urban stakeholders, and meet the needs, challenges, and priorities of urban governments.

Over 140 bids have been received for the funds. This will be whittled down in two phases by a panel of more than 30 judges from Europe, America, and Australia, to about 15 projects which will funded for up to 2 million Euro over 3 years.

Judging is beginning now, and the final decisions will be made in November.

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