Covid for Kids with Professor Tom Solomon

In this free interactive family show for ages 7 upwards, we follow the adventures of Corry the Coronavirus who travels around the world causing chaos and misery until she is brought under control by a team of Super Scientists.

Along the way we learn how and why viruses emerge, what happens in a pandemic, and how we can beat such threats in the future.

You’ll play Jason and the R-Go-Noughts, and make your own batty poems.

The event takes place on Saturday, 12 February. You can register for this event by visting:

The event will be followed by a break, after which Tom will be trialling elements of his new show ‘Alice’s Scientific Adventures in Wonderland’. Tom would appreciate any families able to stay an extra 30 minutes to provide feedback.

Alice’s Scientific Adventures in Wonderland will premiere at the VG&M on Saturday 12th March and tickets will be available to buy soon.

Tom, who appears regularly on BBC Breakfast, is Director of the UK’s Emerging Infections Research Unit here at the University of Liverpool and an award-winning science communicator.

His last show, “Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Medicine” had a complete sell-out run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017. ‘Solomon captivated his audience – clear, accessible, moving – amazing’ (The Guardian).