New podcast series puts dementia in the spotlight

A science podcast created by a University of Liverpool dementia researcher returns for a new series this week.

Hosted by Dr Clarissa Giebel, a senior research fellow at the University’s Institute of Population Health, The Ageing Scientist podcast delves into the science of ageing, discussing topics with experts in the field, including academics, care providers, carers and people with dementia.

This series will focus on the basics of dementia, with five brand new episodes exploring what happens in the brain when people develop dementia, the different types of dementia, the care path for patients following diagnosis, young onset dementia, and the relationship between ethnicity and dementia.

Launched in June last year, the podcast has already had more than 500 downloads and has featured episodes on a wide a variety of topics, including how music and creativity can help us age well, digital inequalities in dementia and how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted care homes.

Dr Giebel, said: “I launched the podcast last year to make research in my field more accessible, and the pandemic has given me the time to make this podcast a reality. I find it incredibly exciting to talk to different people, experts, about all things surrounding dementia and ageing – not as part of research, but really having a proper discussion about a topic. The great thing is I learn new things all the time too, plus it helps to raise awareness of dementia alongside.”

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