Join former Archbishop of Canterbury for a journey through The Mystery of Consciousness

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams will join University of Liverpool Philosophy PhD – and creator of The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast – Jack Symes, at The Tung Auditorium on May 20 for a live discussion around The Mystery of Consciousness.

Jack Symes said: “There is nothing more familiar to us than our conscious experience.

“However, understanding the nature and origin of consciousness might well be the greatest scientific challenge of our time. How is it, exactly, that the brain’s 86 billion neurons give rise to conscious experience?

“As we’ll discover in Liverpool on May 20, our answer to this question will not only shape our understanding of the human mind, but the fabric of reality itself.”

Jack, who studied for his undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications at the University, developed the podcast to raise the profile of philosophical thinking, and help people to understand how it can inform their lives.

The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast now boasts 75,000 weekly listeners, featuring regularly in the Top 5 Higher Education podcasts on iTunes.

And now Jack is bringing the live experience to Liverpool.

As well as the former Archbishop, he will share the stage with best-selling authors, Anil Seth, Laura Gow and Philip Goff, for what promises to be an enlightening evening of debate and discussion in the University’s spectacular new performance space.

Produced by The Panpsycast, Premier Christian Radio, and Liverpool’s Department of Philosophy, the event will also feature an audience Q&A, live music, and author meet-and-greets.

And of you want to come prepared, Jack’s new book Philosophers on Consciousness: Talking about the Mind, is now available to purchase.

The Mystery of Consciousness takes place at The Tung Auditorium on May 20, from 7pm. Tickets are priced £12 (£8 concessions). To find out more, and book your spot, please visit: