A letter to my first-year self: Ana

University of Liverpool student

Ana Ghaffari Moghaddam is a Class of 2022 LLB Law graduate. Here, Ana looks back at her time at the University of Liverpool and thinks about what she would tell her first-year self.

Dear First Year Me,

Oh, what a rollercoaster the next three years will be!

Not only is there going to be an unprecedented global pandemic just around the corner, but you’re also going to go through the biggest personal growth evolution you’ve ever been through.

There are going to be times when you get super anxious, and I’m here to tell you that you will be okay. Sometimes, it may feel as though there are too many tabs open in your head at one time, or that it’s tempting to throw the towel in – but don’t do that, I repeat, don’t do that!

These moments present themselves to develop your resilience, your bounce-back attitude, and enable you to come back fighting ten times stronger (and I promise you, you will come back stronger!). Take all the setbacks as opportunities for growth, and think of them as redirection as opposed to rejection. Everyone is so proud of you and where you’re going, so stop being so hard on yourself!

Make sure you enjoy every second there is, and really try to be in the moment. Yes, there will be times when people seem to be having a better ‘university experience’ than you, but social media isn’t real life! Really enjoy the little things; catching up with the girls in the kitchen, or going on your daily walk to Tesco – these are the moments you’ll look back on when you’re back home in the little village you grew up in. University has so many things for you to get involved with, so always say yes and be enthusiastic.

You’re going to make some amazing friends along the way, so be your true self and say yes to opportunities.

You should also probably learn to cook ASAP. You aren’t a good cook, so learning staple meals early on is really going to help you when you reach your third year and have no money left for takeaways. Learn from your friends, and write down recipes!

And lastly, appreciate every minute there is at university. You’re with your friends almost every day, you’re living in the city you’ve always dreamt of living in, and you’re studying the course you’ve always wanted to study. Don’t be fussed about what other people think or how you will be perceived, just enjoy every opportunity, every experience – and don’t forget to capture the memories!

Ana x

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